About Us

The Company

We are an independent UK based company and we only accept trades from the UK at present.

Why Us:

  • We offer a fast, efficient and free way to sell your camera for cash.
  • We offer fair and realistic prices.
  • We will try to give our customers the best value when selling your old camera.
  • We use daily market research data for valuations.
  • We will do our very best to accommodate any requests you may have regarding your order.
  • We will remarket any cameras we buy and make sure it will be reused by others any where in the world instead of breaking them up and cause more damage to environment.

At Camera Exchange Store, we are conscious of the environmental impact we have, and will always do our upmost to ensure that when you make the decision to take part in our camera trade in, your old camera will be remarketed, recycled and re-used so that damage to the environment is kept to an absolute minimum.

We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and value for money and promoting environmental sustainability - making you cash and saving the planet!