How It Works

Step 1. Get A Quote

Search and select your item by make and/or model and add it to the cart. Check out and create your account.

You'll be given an order number and postage instructions.

Step 2. Postage

A Freepost address will be emailed to you. Please package your item and send it to us.

Free collection available for high valued items.

Please ask for a Certificate of Postage FREE from your local Post Office.

Please note: we do not send out boxes or envelopes as this will delay processing and create more unnecessary waste to the environment. Please use any unwanted boxes or padded materials you might have to pack your camera.

Step 3. Payment

Once we've received your camera or tablet, it will be inspected and payment will be made.

We will pay you by bank transfer (BACS) to your designated bank account which must be registered to you and your home address ONLY or by sending a cheque made payable to you only.

We will not pay to any third party or pay cash under any circumstances.

Please see our Terms & Conditions >

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